About Us


Smart Foal was born out of a desire to help. To help owners. To help breeders. To help families who can't afford current alarms. Most importantly Smart Foal wants to bring innovation to an area that desperately needs it.

Smart Foal is designed and manufactured in Queanbeyan Australia and has been tested at various studs in Australia and the USA.

Aimee Nizette
Owner and lead engineer

After leaving school I  completed a degree in Medical Biotechnology. The course was very interesting but the work was not. While working in agricultural research I attended TAFE at night to learn electronics. 12 months of that was enough to convince me to move to Canberra to study Electronic Engineering full time. I then worked in defense industries, I designed and built custom electronics for use in elite sport and scientific equipment and I ran my own consultancy business for years.

I am finally in a position to work on my own ideas/projects and loving every minute of it. I particularly enjoy being able to combine my interests in biology and electronics in a single occupation!