What is Smart Foal?

Smart Foal is more than a foaling alarm. Smart Foal is a revolutionary new way to monitor your mare.
The Smart Foal transmitter, attached to your mares halter, contains cutting edge sensors that monitor your mare around the clock. The transmitter sends vital data to a receiving station (we call it a receiver).
 The Smart Foal receiver gathers data from all your transmitters/mares and then upload that information to a database in the cloud. Sophisticated algorithms process the data and look for patterns. This pattern recognition drives the display of the Smart Foal App - showing you a graph of how active/uncomfortable your mare is and whether or not she is lying down.
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Mare pacing with Smart Foal
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Smart Foal also provides alarms - both through the app and emails. You can setup email to SMS/phone call forwarding or even make a 'smart light bulb' flash to wake you up. Configure when and how you want to be notified. As the data resides in the cloud you can be notified anywhere - whether you are at work, at the shops or in bed.
By combining the latest developments in wireless and sensor technology, Smart Foal goes beyond traditional alarms. Now you can learn your mares patterns and get early insight into her distress.

You may even see the start of early labor!

Want more information?

Smart Foal is currently available for $660 AUD. Please use the converter below to get an idea of the cost in your local currency.

Monitor your furry babies with the best possible technology!

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What are people saying about Smart Foal?

Smart Foal has been tested thoroughly over the last 2 years at various studs in Australia and the US. Below are comments from some of the users.

Linda and Bill Pierpoint

I highly recommend smart foal to all breeders. I can look at my computer screen at all times of the night and without stepping outside I know if my mare is eating, pacing, lying down or in labour. This is the second season we have used smart foal and won't use anything else. Safe foaling is a priority for all breeders and this is the smartest way of keeping an eye on them.

Crystal Alexander

Smart Foal gave me peace of mind and enabled me to keep my mare happier and more comfortable by providing live updates on her activities and comfort level. She was able to stay outside with her buddies until foaling was imminent, instead of locked in a stall or small run for weeks. That small change prevented edema, kept her active and peaceful, and lots of room to get baby into position for delivery. I feel this contributed to her very easy labor and quick delivery. Even though the foal was huge, we had zero issues.
The live feed is entertaining and addictive, like watching a camera, except with alarms to guard against missing the big event and allowing watchers to get some rest. And I couldn't ask for a better tech team on any foal alarm.

Tanya Thomas

This alarm worked brilliant for me, I will also be taking it to shows, so I can see from my float if my horse is sleeping, pacing or even cast and needs me now....
I could even check what the mare was doing when I was at work, which saved me some anxiety.

Smart Foal Features and Benefits

Enhanced “SNEAKY” mare detection

Through our ongoing research we have found a way to detect mares in labor that other alarms would normally miss!

Remote 24/7 Monitoring

Remotely monitor your mare without disturbing her. View your mares activity level, warnings and remaining battery life with the Smart Foal app.

Market Leading Battery Life Of Over 6 weeks!

It’s rechargeable too!

Get More Sleep!

Keep an eye on your mare from the comfort of your bed.

Smart Foal App

The Smart Foal app natively runs on all internet/WiFi enabled devices and operating systems.

Alarms galore

The Smart Foal app has integrated alarms that let you know when your mare is lying down.

Cloud Enabled

Now you can see how active your mare is from any device, anywhere in the world.

Multiple transmitters supported

Use transmitters on multiple mares if they are all due around the same time.

Range of up to 1km in open areas

If you have significant obstructions (like sheds, stables, trees, hills or vehicles) feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to build a solution that works.


Smart Foal Kit

$660 AUD
Standard Smart Foal Kit:
1 Transmitter
1 WiFi Receiver
1 Charging Cable
1 Universal USB Charger
1 WiFi Antenna
1 Radio Antenna
Unlimited FREE access to the Smart Foal Web application!