What is Smart Foal?

Remote Alarms
24/7 Monitoring
Peace Of Mind

Smart Foal is a revolutionary new technology for monitoring your pregnant mares. Thanks to Smart Foal you can now monitor your mares AND get on with life by using the app on your laptop or phone. Go to work/shops/school and know that you can check your mare at any time - and if something happens you will get notified!

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Let Smart Foal watch over your mares

With waterproof and stomp-proof transmitters.

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Why Choose Smart Foal?

6 Week Battery Life
Long Range Reception
Indestructible Transmitters
Breakaway Velcro

Smart Foal has the longest battery life on the market,  600m* range even from the ground and the transmitters are completely filled a potting compound making them waterproof/stomp proof. It is also one of the cheapest, yet most comprehensive, alarms on the market. The transmitter is attached to the halter with breakaway velcro so if your mare gets caught on a fence, by the velcro or transmitter, she will be able to escape.
Unlike other alarms, Smart Foal includes redundancy. If the transmitter loses connection to the receiver the live activity graph will freeze and the radio OK light on the receiver will stop flashing. The receiver includes a back up hardware alarm in case your WiFi drops out.   Email notifications are triggered independently from the app alarms so if your app crashes, you can still receive notifications.
So the real question is "Why wouldn't you choose Smart Foal?"

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Smart Foal is one of the cheapest alarms on the market and to sweeten the deal even more we offer LAY-AWAY/LAY-BUY! Visit our Facebook page for more news, videos and reviews.


Smart Foal Kit

$660 AUD
Standard Smart Foal Kit:
1 Transmitter
1 WiFi Receiver
1 Charging Cable
1 Universal USB Charger
1 WiFi Antenna
1 Radio Antenna
Unlimited FREE access to the Smart Foal Web application!


When I first saw the Smart Foal alarm, I was skeptical of an alarm that could also monitor a mare in real time. However, due to the great price and the fact I could lay-by the alarm, I gave it a go.
I got the chance to finally use it. My mare was not looking like foaling at all. I estimated she still had a few days to go. I checked her at 7.30 pm and she was happily eating with no signs of foaling. I was monitoring her live graph and noticed a few spikes towards her being agitated but I just assumed she was rubbing in the stable. A few minutes later at around 11 pm, the alarm was going off on my laptop. I went outside thinking she had rubbed her halter off but she was giving birth.
Her PH had been sitting at 7.8 for two days. Usually, she drops to about 6.4 the morning of the day she will foal so I thought she was a few days off. I checked her at 7.30 pm and she was still on 7.8, she had him around 11ish so it dropped really quickly and caught me off guard. Without the smart foal alarm I feel my foal would have suffocated, as he could not break the amniotic sack on his own, and as I was not expecting her to give birth so quickly I wouldn’t have been there with her.
Melinda Strachan
We have been using the Smart Foal alarm since December 2016. Before this time, we were using another brand which was becoming increasingly unreliable and seemed to encounter new problems every year.
I will be the first to admit, that I was skeptical about the Smart Foal at first, as I thought the concept of watching the mare’s activity via the internet sounded a bit gimmicky, but  when I heard that it also had a standard hardware alarm and also worked the same as other brands of alarms, I was keen to give it a go. I have not been disappointed at all, in fact I am very happy to endorse Smart Foal!
We’ve found many benefits to the Smart Foal alarm, but the major one is the ability to remotely monitor via a website which can be accessed from any device. I work nearly an hour away from home, so being able to go to work and monitor my mare’s activities via my phone really helps put my mind at ease. If she is throwing up agitated alarms, I simply have to
make a phone call and get someone to go and physically check her. The transmitter is also a lot more compact than other brands, which suits our Miniature Horses perfectly. Plus, we love that the battery is rechargeable and lets you know when it’s low. Unlike other brands, there’s no replacing 9V batteries every week because you don’t know if they are still working 100% or not!
We had only owned the Smart Foal alarm for three days before it potentially saved the life of a mare and foal, as the foal presented with a leg caught back and I had trouble locating it and unlocking it so the birth could progress. Had we not been alerted to the birth via the Smart Foal alarm, we may not have been present and the outcome could have been devastating. We feel confident going into another foaling season using the Smart Foal alarm.

Badlands Farm NSW

Kayleen Badman Badlands Farm
This alarm worked brilliant for me, I will also be taking it to shows, so I can see from my float if my horse is sleeping, pacing or even cast and needs me now….
I could even check what the mare was doing when I was at work, which saved me some anxiety.
Tanya Thomas TNG Western Horses
Smart Foal gave me peace of mind and enabled me to keep my mare happier and more comfortable by providing live updates on her activities and comfort level. She was able to stay outside with her buddies until foaling was imminent, instead of locked in a stall or small run for weeks. That small change prevented edema, kept her active and peaceful, and lots of room to get baby into position for delivery. I feel this contributed to her very easy labor and quick delivery. Even though the foal was huge, we had zero issues.
The live feed is entertaining and addictive, like watching a camera, except with alarms to guard against missing the big event and allowing watchers to get some rest. And I couldn’t ask for a better tech team on any foal alarm.

Oregon, USA

Crystal Alexander Captive Horizon Saddlebreds
I highly recommend smart foal to all breeders. I can look at my computer screen at all times of the night and without stepping outside I know if my mare is eating, pacing, lying down or in labour. This is the second season we have used smart foal and won’t use anything else. Safe foaling is a priority for all breeders and this is the smartest way of keeping an eye on them.

IronHorse Appaloosa Stud

Linda and Bill Pierpoint Iron Horse Appaloosa Stud